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Illuminati and Merovingian

Illuminati and Merovingian

Dear Prof. Akira Kanda and others

Greetings to all of you,

Today, finally I find enough time to write this long response to you. Terribly sorry I just reply today, because in the past three weeks I was quite busy with many things.
Because you wrote that the history of physics was similar to history of politics, let me skip the physics part, and let us focus to the world history over the past 200-300 years.

Few words
First of all, I should say that I appreciate your long lecture during one and half year, although I was unable to read all your threads. However, after reading frequent repeating of your arguments, I can feel safe to say that at least I understand your basic thought.
Secondly, unlike your analysis which mostly combines unfounded hatred and racism, my analysis will lead to clear action plan which can be followed irrespective to anyone's race or nationality. This is where we differ from each other.
Thirdly, I hope that some readers from China (Renata), Carmen (Germany), George (USA), Mihai (Romania), Ze Carlos (Portugal) and others can follow my arguments, while of course they can have other standpoint.

On Hermeneutics
You wrote that you understand the whole mathematics, physics, history, politics along with religion. But it seems that you refuse to admit the role of your hermeneutics on your worldview. You wrote that there is no place of hermeneutics in sociology. Yes, many scholars try to use rationalism inspired by Aufklarung, then they began to speak on sociology science, historical science, political science and economics science. To me that is impossible, since politics, history, economics and sociology involve "human interests." As such, there is limit to consider them as science, in the same way we talk of natural sciences.
If I am allowed to summarize your lense to view the world history, it is an eccentric view based on Japanese chauvinism mixed by orthodox Catholic. Then you want to proclaim it as the best lense that everybody should use. Well, in my view your lense is very interesting but your inadequate reasoning is misleading.
In opposite, my hermeneutics can be called "detective hermeneutics," a la Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is one of my best fictional hero. And I shall show you that an analysis of politics and world history based on this detective hermeneutics lead to a comprehensive picture up to contemporary politics, unlike your story which was halted on WW II.
OK, now let us start.

On Illuminati and Merovingian
You wrote that the West is responsible for all colonialism over the whole world over the last 500 years. And you portray your country, Japan, as the victim of such a Western colonization and she can be the leader of rebellion against the West.
So, your version of history is full of dialectics and contradiction, between Catholic and Protestantism, between capitalism and communism, between West and East, between Japan and the rest of the world are plain fools. But at the same time you condemn the notion of "dialectics." What a hypocrite!
That is why you are unable to offer a real solution to this world's problems which are heading toward economic crash, malaise, and WW III. Some scientists call it the Sixth Extinction, which will begin soon.
Of course, I do not deny that the West indeed took part in colonialism, but you should ask like a detective: what motivated the same agenda over the last 500 years? Why was the colonialism so persistent over hundreds of year?
I will offer an answer: the ultimate cause of such massive destructions in the past 500 years were Illuminati and Merovingian.
Now, you can see that the real enemy is not Protestantism, although I admit that many churches today do not behave like Christ, but they follow Mammon, that is because they practice the so-called prosperity gospel.
You will insist that it was Protestantism who started to condemn Catholic Church. We know that it is the opposite, Catholic Church refused to admit that offering money to purify sins is wrong.
But yes, like many other religion movements, any good intent has its own twists. Some preachers might begin to twist that money is salvation, but as far as I know, I never read that John Calvin ever spoke that statement. So please tell me, where he wrote like that, in what book, so I can track the context of his speech.
In legends surrounding Illuminati, they often spoke that the anti-Christ will arise from the 13rd bloodline, and that is Merovingian dinasty. Merovingian came from Merovee, king of Frank, who descended from king of Cloudion and an unknown beast from the sea, named "Bistea Neptunis," who may be related to the legend of Neptunus, the god of the ocean.
The kings of Europe including the Royal Court of Dragon in England were all descendants of Merovingian dynasty. In other words, the reptile dragon Bistea Neptunis intoxicated the royal bloodlines of almost all kings and queens in Europe. In turn, they want to conquer the whole world, because they are direct descendants of the old serpent, that is the Satan itself.
That is what Bible says:

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. (Revelation 13:1-2)

So, in this analysis, we can ask: what can we do to stop the Merovingians from taking over this world completely? First, you should ask, who are those Merovingians descendants in today's history? You should know there are two significant figures, i.e. Hitler and George Soros.
Hitler was apparently implanted after he was indoctrinated and prepared by Tavistock Institute in London.
After WWII, many Nazis moved to USA and Brazil etc, and the viruses have gone far from Europe. They intoxicated a country who shaped the entire 20th century's history, that is America. Then began the so-called America empire.
After the Cold War, emerged a new player from Merovingian dynasty, that is George Soros.
Since Nov. 9 2016, Soros and his gang, named Democracy Alliance, who supported Hillary with billions of dollars, want the power back to them. But Soros also saw that the age of America Empire is over, so he tries his best to promote China to become the leader of the New World Order planned by Rockefeller-Soros etc, who are members of Bilderberg group.
That is why since September 2016 until Nov. 2016, i wrote several long articles in order to stop Hillary from taking office, and disrupt the plan to ruin the whole world by Soros, Bilderberg, and Illuminati.
Of course, i do not say that Donald Trump has no mistakes. But at least he is not as evil like Hillary, and the most important than that: he does not belong to Bilderberg, Merovingian and Illuminati.
You draw a picture that there was no good men from USA. I do not think so, even so I never went to USA, and in many ways I disagree with American chauvinism. But I respect good American presidents like George Washington and Lincoln, and also JFK. It is told that JFK was killed exactly because he planned to fight wholehartedly against the empire (Bilderberg, Merovingian, Illuminati etc). See (2)

On Marx, Freud, Darwin, Dawkins, Hawking etc
Marx and Engels were members of the League of the Just, which was a front line of Illuminati.(1) That is why they declared that all religions are toxic to mankind. But indeed, the real toxic is Illuminati itself.
That is why all communist countries are all atheists, although you tried to romanticize them as "sharing" values of life. Yes, they copy some parts from the Bible teaching, then they twist it to their own ends.
Darwin was also a member of Illuminati. There is one researcher from the field of evolutionary biology, who dares to stand against Darwin, he offers a new concept called "frozen evolution."(3)
Freud was an atheist too, although until now I do not find link proving that he was Illuminati too. I do not deny that his description of human soul consisting of id, ego and superego is interesting, but he denies the role of the spirit of God and Holy Spirit in Christians. He did not believe in that. Only Jung who tried to elevate again the connection between psychology and religion.(5)
In modern day, there were aggressive atheists like Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking who promote the standard view that to become a scientist, one should be an atheist and agnostics. That is why many scientists nowadays refuse to speak as believers or speak in the name of religions, because it will make them fired from formal academic positions.
Christian Scholars like John Polkinghorne, Alistair McGrath and Frank Tipler are among the few who dare to speak against those New Atheists propaganda.
The sad fact is, although Catholic Church is more pure than other denominations, she accepts the atheist teachings of science, including evolution theory and big bang theory. It sounds like face-saving compromise.

What can we do?
Enough for description, now it is time to change the world.
 In my opinion, to stand against ruling elite who is called the Empire, we should stand with both Putin and Trump. Putin is not a perfect leader too, but at least he dares to refuse the banking group of Rotschild on Russia soil.(4)
The Merovingian's plan to conquer the world is by making China lead all top positions in UN. Then they will create havoc in the entire world, and by creating chaos they will start the WWIII.
Besides, there will be huge calamity caused by low solar activity called Maunder Minimum. It is predicted that this lowest solar activity will create the little ice age, and one of its proof is many snow storm has plagued Eastern Europe and USA nowadays.
In other words, we are in the brink of calamity which can wipe out more than 70% of population, but world leaders still speak of global warming. They refuse to alert their people to prepare for the coming little ice age.
So, we should stop their plan, along with the plan to unite all financial power, into one financial regime. Interestingly, one representative from the Dragon Family has submitted a lawsuit to claim all the golds from the entire world. His name is Neil Keenan.(6)
So, we should track down all the Merovingian/Soros/Bilderberg connection to chinese UN top leaders, including what Soros and Obama and Hillary and Democracy Alliance plan in the next few months.

Last words
Of course, I cannot say that I am the best logician mathematician in earth, as this title may be more suitable for you and Mihai.
But I think mathematics is not only about logic, it is also about pattern recognition, just like this simple question in many intelligent tests:

Given,...  What are the next three numbers in this series?

And so forth.
So the above is what I can summarize from more than ten years of my own study of world history until now. I admit that perhaps the above story looks crazy and subjective, but let me tell you that some of the above information were told to me by Jesus Christ Himself around 2010-2011. See my ebooks for more detailed info. (9)
Hopefully this small note will be useful. Thanks for your kind attention.

Humbly yours,

Victor Christianto
Founder of www.sci4God.com

"The most radical question which anyone can be asked is not how much their possessions cost, but whether they have found something of value - that is, something that makes living worthwhile." ― Alister E. McGrath

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