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47 Judges affirm heterosexual marriage


*47 Judges of World Human Right Court Declares;No Rights To Homosexual*


This is the world's most credible and important human right Court:::::  This judgment implies that:

(1) States are free to reserve marriage only to heterosexuals👫

(2) Any law supporting Same sex marriages seek to destroy humanity

(3) The enactment of laws to punish ⛓ homosexual marriage is in order and does not constitute discrimination against persons

(4) The natural right to marry is anthropologically healthy, valuable, sensible
and responsible between opposite Sex only

(5) That considering the philosophy's of Natural laws, Common sense, Course of positive Laws, that Nature and indeed spirit nature does not in anyway contemplate homosexual marriage

Thus, Article 12 📖 of the European Convention on human right supports the claims which is also validated by Article on Human Right Treaties as in the case of 17 of the pact and No 23 of International Covenants on Civil and political Rights

The 47 judge's held that the concept of Family created between man and woman is Supreme in the development of Human Race to the right order of life, peace, sanity, equality and equity

To this end, Homosexual marriages should be
* Rejected by our Spirit, Soul And Body,
* Chased out of our Social Orientation,
* Subtracted From our Constitution's and Laws and
* Should not in any way be entertained by our respective Social cultures - whether by  Religious means or by a constitutional given right by government, groups or nations:


GOD is happy with you when you spread and share this Good news urgently📣📢🔴

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